One thought on “Chamorro Studies gi UOG

  1. Dear Dr. Lujan:
    I follow your blog, Minagahet Chamorro,daily and invariably find that we think alike politically though we are years apart. I wonder what happened to the anti-war movement of my generation, the public’s scepticism of the media, military and the forces behind the government that dictates to us all. It seems, at times -especially here on our beloved Guahan- that there are so few willing to recognize, and voice the truth. It is quite difficult.
    In any case, I am 68,a member of the Flores-Cabesa family.I was born and raised in San Francisco and the Bay Area.I need to learn what I can of the language and culture.I still run my own business, so time is somewhat limited, but would greatly appreciate any suggestions you might offer as to how I might possibly use your UOG Chamorro Studies Program.
    Si Yu’us Ma’ase,
    Lynn Flores


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