The Day the Lumbees Ran the Klan Out of North Carolina

“When they got to the pond on Saturday night, there were 50 Klansmen there. But Sim had gotten 500 Indians there. They were armed with rifles, shotguns, axes, pitchforks, and hoes. When [KKK leader] Cole got up to start the rally, one of the Indians, Sanford Locklear, shot out the light bulb over the stand. The Klan broke and ran. Sanford had his picture in the paper the next day, holding the rifle he used to shoot out the light.

“Cole left his wife sitting there in a ditch in their car. The Indians let out war hoops as they chased the Klan members down the little road. Those boys were scared. One or two of them ran their cars into ditches and had to be pulled out. They went running back to South Carolina and have not been back since.

“Cole, who was a radio evangelist on the side, had dared to invade Indian Country despite the warning from the Sheriff. It was ironic that the man who sentenced him to two years in prison was an Indian judge in Maxton, Mr. Lacey Maynor. Mr. Lacey used to cut my hair.”

— Dr. Dean Chavers, director of Catching the Dream, a national scholarship program for Native college students.

Hu konsidera este na sinisedi.  Magof yu’ pot ti chetnudan i Lumbee siha.

Gi World War Two, taotao Malesso’ ma a’nao Japones siha.  Båtbåru siha.

Kao maolekna na un mumu kinu ti un mumu?

Gof mahgong si Martin Luther King, Jr.  Ha fa’nu’i i linuchi na kruetdåt.


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