fino' chamoru

Ha’ånen Fino’ Chamoru Ha’

What is Ha’ånen Fino’ Chamoru Ha’ ?

On March 1st, 2015, we are calling our community to participate in Ha’ånen Fino’ Chamoru Ha’. For many, the Chamorro language is a beautiful thing that they grew up hearing, but unfortunately never grew up speaking. It is a language that reminds us of the comforts of home and brings us nostalgia of the good old days. However, the Chamorro language can be so much more! We need to realize that Chamorro is not simply a language trapped in the past or a language that only belongs in the church or the southern part of Guam. Chamorro is a living language! It is a language that can and should be used every day and for every situation that one finds themselves in. It may seem unusual to discuss the latest video game or latest rap song in the Chamorro language, but that is simply because we are not used to it. As a living language, Chamorro has the linguistic capability and linguistic beauty to talk about anything we experience in our modern lives. From the latest technology, to the latest gossip, to sexual talk, or to use in an emotional argument, Chamorro can handle it. We need to give our language a chance to show us its endless possibilities.

Ha’anen Fino’ Chamoru Ha’ is a day dedicated to this simple idea: using the Chamorro language is the key part of saving the Chamorro language. On March 1st, 2015, we are inviting everyone to ONLY speak Chamorro no matter where they are and no matter what they are doing. Although it will be difficult and many may not understand, lasting this entire day of speaking only Chamorro can glean keen insights. First, it can show us that our language is well-equipped to handle our modern day living. Secondly, it can instill in us the urgency and importance for revitalizing our language. 24 hours is all that we ask! 24 hours of only Chamorro is not impossible, and we are more than willing to help. For this purpose, we are inviting those that are interested to join us at a week before the event, Sunday, Feb. 22nd, 12:30 p.m. at Port of Mocha in Tamuning so that we can discuss tips to lasting the 24 hours, possible locations we can go to together, and basic survival phrases one is going to need. Please contact Kenneth Gofigan Kuper at or Michael Lujan Bevacqua at if you have any questions.

We hope to have many of you participate in this event. It is the least we can do for a language that has called us its own for close to 4,000 years. Let us go out and show that Chamorro is a living entity that lives through us. Yanggen un lå’la’ gi Fino’ Chamoru, un na’lå’la’ i Fino’ Chamoru. “If you live in the Chamorro language, you are giving life to the Chamorro language.”

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