fino' chamoru

Survival Phrases for Ha’anen Fino’ Chamoru Ha’

Ha’anen Fino’ Chamoru Ha’ is just two weeks away. A success and survival meeting is planned for this Sunday at 12:30 at Port of Mocha in Tamuning. I will be there along with Ken Gofigan Kuper to help people strategize ways of succeeding and surviving on March 1st where we are challenging ourselves to speak only Chamorro all day or as much Chamorro as possible during that day. One of the things that hampers people trying to learn Chamorro is that when there is any confusion or a breakdown in communication, people quickly switch to English. Because of the ease through which people can just articulate themselves in English easier or be understood easier, it creates a problem in terms of stalling the development of a learner. At a moment when they need to push themselves and grow in the language, they bail and step themselves and resort to English instead.

What we have below are some basic sentences, primarily questions that people can use on Ha’anen Fino’ Chamoru Ha’ or any day in general to help communicate in Chamorro and clarify even if there has been a breakdown. We’ll have more phrases and more help on Sunday, and of course more tips and ideas will be posted on this blog and on Facebook.


  1. Hello! – Håfa Adai
  1. What is this? – Håfa este?
  2. What is that (near you)? – Håfa enao?
  3. What is that (away from you and person you’re talking to)? – Håfa ayu?
  1. How do you say________ in Chamorro? – Taimanu un sangan______ gi Fino’ Chamoru?
    Ex: How do you say “deer” in Chamorro? – Taimanu un sangan “deer” gi Fino’ Chamoru?
  1. What does______ mean? – Hafa kumekeilek-ña ______?
    Ex: What does “matatnga?” mean? – Hafa kumekeilek-ña “matatnga?”
  1. Speak to me in Chamorro please- Fino’ Chamoruyi yu’ pot fabot.
  1. Please say that again- Sångan enao ta’lo pot fabot
  1. What are you doing? – Hafa bidada-mu?10. What am I doing? – Hafa bidada-hu?
  1. Excuse me. – Dispensa’ yu’.
  1. How are you? – Hafa tatatmanu hao?


  1. Goodbye, until we see each other again! – Adios, asta ki umali’e’ hit ta’lo!

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