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Faculty Against Rape – new resources

Rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment, power imbalances of all kinds — these are consequences of structural, systemic inequality on an intersectional level: racism, sexism, classism, colorism, colonialism, xenophobia, sectarianism . . .  Forms of power enforcement.  Who has power, and who doesn’t.  Bullies, gossips, liars, trolls, “mean girls,” “the old boys’ club” . . .

How to take action?  The group Faculty Against Rape is sharing some important resources.  See below, and their contact information is at the end:

New Films

The Hunting Ground is a “startling expose of sexual assault on U.S. campuses.” Here are links to the trailer and information about bringing the film to your campus. The Hunting Ground premieres in theaters in Los Angeles and New York this weekend.

It Happened Here is another powerful documentary on the campus rape crisis. Here is a link to the trailer. Contact filmmaker Marjorie Nielsen (marjorie.nielsen@icloud.com) to bring it to your campus.

Pilot Opportunities

Callisto, a third-party sexual assault reporting system, is looking for additional campuses to pilot their program. For more information, please contact Jessica Ladd (jladd@sexualhealthinnovations.org).

Culture of Respect, a non-profit organization that provides prevention programs, is looking for additional campuses to pilot their program. For more information, please contact Allison Tombros Korman (a.tombroskorman@CultureofRespect.org).

Faculty Day of Action

April 16th is the first annual National Faculty Day of Action. We encourage you to show your support for survivors on your campus through teach-ins, lectures, rallies, a supportive letter to your student newspaper, a screening of a film, or other actions.

Faculty Conference

Cornell is hosting a conference on Sexual Assault in Higher Education: The Role of Faculty as Researchers, Teachers, Policymakers and Advocates on April 28, 2015. There is no registration fee to attend the symposium and lunch will be provided. To register, please click on the link to the registration form here or feel free to call Cornell’s Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity at 607-255-3976.

A Better Survey

The Madison Summit for Campus Climate and Sexual Misconduct took place earlier this month. This historic two-day summit brought 22 researchers together with administrators and educators to draft an open-source, scientific survey that can help assess sexual violence on campus. The survey will be made available for peer review and commenting byMarch 15, 2015, and will be piloted by several schools nationwide this spring. Following this period of rigorous review and testing, the survey will be made available for public use, free of charge, by the Fall 2015 academic year. For more information, contact Dr. Jennifer Freyd (jjf@uoregon.edu), Dr. Sarah Cook (scook@gsu.edu), or Meredith Smith, J.D. at (meredith.smith@uconn.edu).

Take Action

Survivors across the country have sued their institutions for mishandling sexual assault cases. Most schools have settled these cases, but the University of Oregon recently decided to file a countersuit against a survivor. University administrators also pried into this survivor’s medical records. Faculty and student activists have organized a petition to pressure the school to drop the lawsuit since it sends a chilling message to other survivors. Please sign and share this petition.

Please visit Faculty Against Rape’s website for faculty-specific resources for supporting survivors and reforming your campus, including resources for diverse survivors and 7 things faculty can do to combat campus rape. For up-to-date information, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Also, please contact us if you think your school is in violation of Title IX or the Clery Act and you want to take action on your campus.


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