fino' chamoru

Chamoru Horror Story

I found this old poem I wrote in 2012 for a literature class I took at the University of Guam and thought I would share it with you.

Este ha’ minalago-hu na hu sanggra hao
(My only desire is to drain your blood)
Un na’bubu yu’ ni guinaiya-mu
(You made me angry with your love)
Malago yu’ na hu igi hao asta ki matai hao
(I want to overcome you until you are dead)
Hagu i finamaolek-hu
(You are what will fix me)
Sa ti un guiaya yu’, hu chule’ I lina’lå’-mu
(Because you didn’t love me, I took your life)
På’go, gof ya-hu i pao-ña i matai tataotao-mu
(Now, I like the smell of your dead body)
Bai hu toktok i lamas na sensen-mu todu i tiempo, lamafñot yan lamafñot                                                                                        (I will hug your rotten flesh all the time tighter and tighter)
I pinacha-mu muna’hasso yu put håga’ mames
(Your touch reminds me of sweet blood!)
Gi este na homhom na kuatto, matutuhon I lina’lå’-ta
(In this dark room, our lives begin)
Ti bai hu dingu hao, hafa na bai hu cho’gue enao?
(I will not leave you, why would I do that?)
Ya-hu i kaskas-ña i ga’ga siha gi nifen-mu
(I like the sound of the maggots in your teeth)
I manengheng na lassas-mu ha okupa i matai korason-hu
(Your cold flesh occupies my dead heart)
Magof yu ni labios-mu
(I am excited with your lips)
Ni ngai’an u ma sodda’ hit guini
(They will never find us here)
Siña lalå’la’ hit yan umaguiaya hit asta ki mafnas i tano’
(We can live and love each other until the earth vanishes)
Asta ki pumarehu I tataotao-ta siha
(Until our bodies become the same)
På’go ha’ bai hu chule’ este na se’se
(Now, I will take this knife)
Sa kumakanta gui’ para i haga’-mu
(Because it is crying for your blood)
Bai hu prueba hao na ti sina un dingu yu’.
(I will prove to you that you will never escape me)


This poem was meant to express the darker and more disturbing side of the spectrum of human emotions. I have always enjoyed sadistic, gory, horror movies and find nothing wrong with writing from the perspective of a complete sociopath. Just because someone writes horror novels or directs gore movies does not make that person a sociopath themselves, it is simply a certain niche of entertainment. It was written in Chamoru to prove that Chamoru can be used for any emotion and for any purpose. Too many people view the Chamoru language as befitting only to a restricted range of topics or situations. If Chamoru has a chance of survival, it must be deterritorialized and become adequate for each and every type of conversation or writing.

The poem has a very straight-forward and in your face type of rhythm often with cacophonic syllables and a complete lack of organized structure. Although many lines end with two letter suffixes such as –hu or –mu, the beginning of the sentences are often harsh sounding with staccato qualities. This tone of the poem was meant to fit its harsh content. A song about death and gore should not rhyme and sound pleasant because it would not flow well together. Also, the antithesis of “sweet blood,” “good smelling dead flesh,” and “dead heart” were used to illuminate the sociopathic mind of the narrator character.

In the poem, I also used visual, olfactory, auditory, and tactile imagery. From images of dead bodies to the smell of rotten flesh to the sound of maggots crunching in teeth to the feeling of cold flesh, this poem is intended to disturb the reader and inflict them with the organic imagery of nausea.


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