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Pupbliku Rediu

Today I renewed my Membership to KPRG today, which is Guam’s Public Radio station and it is something that I am more than happy to contribute my measly income to.  Ever since my CD player stopped working in my car, I constantly tune into 89.3 and I am glad that it offers different genres and types of shows (including talk), rather than the pop-charted driven broadcasts that are plagued with adverts and business promos.  Just by principal alone I am a supporter, but the content itself is excellent. I can get insight about local issues “On Beyond The Fence,” or hear video game centric banter on another local show called “GG” (A passion project from two of my good buddies Tim and Rob), and even get my national headlines without the Corporate Slant on “Democracy Now!” Which I do most mornings because brings back me to High School where I listened to the show religiously pretty much every day after school.  Also all the music shows, whether it is Reggae, classical, world music, or jazz, as a Trombone player, my ears hear many things that are related to my craft which I enjoy.

While the future of radio is uncertain, some camps believe that the advancement of streaming technology will make AM/FM radio obsolete, while others believe that there radio can still be implemented with today’s world, I believe that we need radios because when the power doesn’t come back due to an EMP bomb, or the aliens invade earth, radios will be crucial in communication in these brave new worlds.  While those scenarios are unlikely, the point is during catastrophes and dire situations, they help.  I do think though my Luddite tendencies are making me seem a bit paranoid.

There is still time to donate (1 more official day on their 6-day membership drive) and offer support to the station, more information can be found on their website. A wise person once told me to support the things that you spend your time doing, and if 89.3 is something that you listen to periodically during the week, factor in some gratitude for the people at the station because they are pretty much fully supported by their viewers.


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