fino' chamoru

The Jesus Film

One of the my main problems with learning Chamorro outside of actually speaking it with others is that most of the resources available are all meant to be read. Most of them are texts such as various dictionaries, reference grammars, children’s stories, etc. While this is definitely not a problem and I am hope that more becomes published in the Chamorro language, I simply wish that resources using other mediums would be available. In order to effectively learn a language, one needs to get used to hearing and speaking the language. Hearing the language helps with pronunciation, intonation, pitch, tone, and rhythm. It allows one the opportunity to get used to comprehending the language’s patterns. Written materials do not allow this type of interaction with the language, and this is the urgency of why there needs to be Chamorro resources such as films and language learning software using audio. So if you are a film maker, team up with a Chamorro speaker and create an video in the language!

On that note, here is a film regarding Jesus’s life fully in Chamorro. This is so important because even if you are bored with the chosen topic of the video, it is rare to find a film that is 2 hours long and completely in Chamorro. I hope this helps some of you!


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