fino' chamoru

Yu’ Type Pronouns

Yesterday was Ha’ånen Fino’ Chamoru Ha’ #2. It was a great experience gathering with others to celebrate the language and play various games in Chamorro. While planning this day, I was approached by various people who expressed their desire to learn the language. Just to see the fire burning in them for learning their heritage language is extremely inspiring. To begin this journey, I have decided to post some grammar lessons here on Mumun Linahyan. The first is the Yu’ type pronouns. They are really easy to begin with and at the end of the lesson, one can make many sentences just from learning the seven pronouns and seven adjectives! Nihi ta tutuhon!

“Yu” Type pronouns:

-These pronouns usually come at the end of a sentence

-Their most basic use is that of descriptive sentences (the use of adjectives) (other uses will come later)

-English Examples of this sentence type: They are late, He is sleepy, I am hungry, etc.

-Good introduction to start constructing sentences in the Chamorro language

“Yu” Type pronouns:

1st Person (I): yu’
2nd Person (You): hao
3rd Person (He/She/It): gui’
1st person plural Inclusive (We “including the person you are talking to”): hit
1st person plural exclusive (We “excluding the person you are talking to”): ham
2nd person plural (You “multiple people”): hamyo
3rd person plural (They): siha

** For beginning purposes, we are referring to one or two people. In Chamorro, if you are referring to three or more people, there is a change in the adjective or verb you are using, we will return to this later.

1. ñålang- hungry
2. må’o- thirsty
3. lokka’-tall
4. atrassao-late
5. magof-happy
6. geftao-generous
7. malåte’-smart


Ñålang yu’: I am hungry.
Må’o hao: You are thirsty.
Lokka’ gui’: He/She is tall.
Atrassao hit: We (inclusive) are late.
Magof ham: We (exclusive) are happy.
Geftao hamyo: You (two) are generous.
Malåte’ siha: They are smart.


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