fino' chamoru

Hu Type Pronouns

2nd Chamorro lesson! Last week, we did Yu’ type pronouns, and I hope many of you found how remembering the pronouns plus a few adjectives easily leads to the construction of many Chamorro sentences. It is a quite empowering feeling to know that studying that worksheet for an hour means you can automatically start speaking Chamorro right away. The key is to start using and speaking it. This week, we will move on to another sentence construction. After this worksheet, you will learn even more sentences and you will swiftly continue on your trek towards Chamorro language fluency!

“Hu” Type Pronouns

 Singular      Plural
 First Person  HU






 Second Person  UN



You all

 Third Person  HA




-The “Hu” type pronouns come in the beginning of the sentence construction.
-They can be understood best to construct “Subject-Verb-Object” sentences.
-English examples: He kissed you. They bought a book. I kicked her.
-In this context, the “hu” type pronouns represent the subject of the sentence, while the “yu’ ” type pronouns or nouns can represent the objects of the sentence.

“Hu type pronoun-Verb-Yu’ type pronoun”


Hu paki gui’: I shot him.

Un chiku yu’: You kissed me.

Ha toktok siha: She hugged them.
Hu paki i binadu: I shot the deer.
Un chiku i palao’an: You kissed the woman
Ha toktok i patgon: She hugged the child.

For now, use the hu type pronouns and these following verbs and try to construct some sentences

  1. Fåhan-to buy
  2. Få’tinas-to make/to cook
  3. Faisen-to ask
  4. Ekungok- to listen
  5. Li’e’- to see
  6. Pacha-to touch
  7. Ågang-to call.

    (For In and En, something called vowel harmony will come into play, but we will cover that in the following lessons.)



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