Possessive Pronouns
fino' chamoru

Possessive Pronouns

Here is the third installment in the pronoun listing for the fundamental of Chamorro grammar! From the “Yu’ ” type pronouns and the “Hu” type pronouns, you have already formed a huge list of sentences. Adding the possessive pronouns to your repertoire will only increase the amount of sentences you can form! Na’lå’la’ i fino’-ta! … Continue reading

decolonization / kuttura / politiku

“Our streets belong to men, and our walls to Arabic”

“The very seeds of our independence movement were sown when, in 1948, the government of Pakistan declared Urdu, not Bengali, the official language of East Pakistan, as Bangladesh was then known. And during the 1971 war of independence, faith and language were pitted against each other in the struggle over nationhood: The Pakistani Army would … Continue reading