Ineyak / kuttura

8th International Lapita Conference, Port Vila, Vanautu, 5-10 July 2015

Wish I were attending this conference!  Looks amazing.


“Archeological evidence points to settlement of the Marianas as early as 3,600 years ago, and the appearance of a unique clay pottery style, referred to as Marianas redware. Marianas redware shows similarities with other pottery styles of the same period in Southeast Asia and what is known as the Lapita Cultural Complex. But while Lapita pottery is widely dispersed throughout Eastern Melanesia, Polynesia and Central-Eastern Micronesia, Marianas redware is unique to the Mariana Islands.”  (Dominica Tolentino, Guampedia)


“Lapita is a pottery style representative of the potsherds found in the Bismarck Archipelago.

“Dr. Mike T. Carson, who has been working extensively on the early human settlements in the region, said this Lapita pottery is a more elaborate form of the same core design system found in Bismarck Archipelago (east of New Guinea) about 3,400-3,300 years ago, and then it continues to be found 3,000-2,800 years ago elsewhere in Island Melanesia and West Polynesia.

“Based on Dr. Carson’s work, the pottery found in early human settlements in the Northern Marianas and in Ritidian on Guam comprise a decorative style similar to what appeared in the Philippines at least 3,800 years ago or perhaps earlier, and this style appeared in the Marianas for the first time 3,500 years ago.”

(“Archaeologists find pre-contact period settlement in Garapan,” Marianas Variety, 14 April 2015)


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