Lepblon Fasu

Facebook has a Community Standards policy which is notoriously tough on breastfeeding and lax on rape threats.

Please note that they also don’t consider the following use of the N-word (uncensored) to demean African-American people to be anything that violates their “Community Standards”:

Alexander Reynolds Comment Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 2.33.10 PM

One wonders what exactly Facebook considers hate speech if the N-word doesn’t qualify in this context!



One thought on “Lepblon Fasu

  1. Lots of problems w/ Facebook and this is just one of them.
    Have to say Ben Carson’s essay posted in PDN 6/25/15 was worth consideration as we collectively deal,we must-at last, with this nation’s entrenched racism. But in the end it would require a complete upheaval of the System.Likely?


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