fino' chamoru

Sky Cathedral

Ma’u’udai yu’ gi batkon aire pa’go. Hu a’atan huyong gi langhet yan i mapagahes siha. Nina’hahasso yu’ nu este na betsu yan todu i famalao’an gi lina’la’-hu. Ko’lo’lo’na Si nana’-hu (ni’ ginen hu bisista gui’ giya Kalifotnia) yan iyo-ku grandmother, ni mumatai gi dos anos tatte na tiempo. Este na betsu tininge’ as Lee Perez, sen tahdong. Ha na’dadana’ meggai na diferentes na hinengge ginen i Chamorro na taotao. Hinengge ginen i Rilihon Katoliko yan hinengge ginen i mas antigu na tiempo. Gaige gi este na betsu i hininegge-ta put i tainkhilo’-na i palao’an gi halom i familia yan i kumunidat.

Sky Cathedral

by Cecelia Taitano Perez (1997)

Nåna lives
in jeweled nights,
like candles
in a sky cathedral
as she prays with angels
in the sound of wind,
she prays for me.

“Abe, Nånan Yu’os
sen gågås Maria
ma’okte minaolek
yan gråsia siha.”

Did you see that shadow pass
and pinch me on the cheek?
She misses me
and calls me
from my sleep.
“Ñora, Nåna,”
I whisper
with waiting watchful eyes.

I find her
in gualåffon
dancing light
in a field of Latte
singing dreams
to me.

Gently then,
she strokes my hair
with moonbeam fingers
that let my strands
and glisten
in the wind
cascading to
my shoulders
that greet
the kiss
of Nåna’s hair,
silver streams
that drape me
with my past.

I am Nåna’s daughter
born of earth and sky
scented breath
of salted breeze
surrounding seas
receive my soul
as Nåna takes
my hand to pray.

“Åbe, åbe,
åbe, Maria,
Åbe, åbe,
åbe, Maria.”

Nåna lives
inside my poems
in the dusk-to-dawn
of life.

Nåna lives
in mornings
when I wake
the light.

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