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Guinahan i Tano’

One of my favorite songs from meggai na kanta yan lalai ginen i inetnon Pa’a Taotao Tano’ is called “Guinahan i Tano’.” I first heard the song in 2013 at Pa’a’s annual competition Dinanña’ Minagof, when it was performed as the finale for the event. It was truly an inspiring moment, as all the fa’fa’na’gue or guma’ leaders from the Pa’a network gathered together.

My heart pounded fiercely within my chest as they were singing, representing in both their performance and their existence the possibilities for the Chamorro people. The realm of dance is a place where Chamorros have experienced an incredible and inspiring turn around in recent years. Chamorros went from having no dances, to today having dance traditions and dance masters. The influence of Pa’a Taotao Tano’ has even spread to at least one other country. In Japan there are two guma’ connected to Pa’a Taotao Tano’, one named “Famagu’on i Tano’ yan i Tasi” (children of the land and the sea) and the other appropriately “Guma’ i Kinahulo’ i Atdao” or “House of the Rising Sun.” Taotao Tano’ does not only dance and sing though, they also work within the community, even conducting studies on the state of Chamorro language and also this year they received a grant to help preserve the art of kantan Chamorita.

The lyrics for the song are below as is a video from when I first heard it in 2013.


Guinahan i Tano’

by Frank Rabon, Vince San Nicolas, Jacob Navarro, Peter Constantino

Hungok i paharun i tano’, i kinalamten siha

I tano’ sumosteni i taotao-ta

I manglo’ chumalappon i simiya

I guinahan i tano’, mo’na kahulo’, i simiyan lina’la’

La’la’ i aniten i taotao tano’

Manmetgot, manmenhalom na taotao

Sen gefpago na tano’

Sen menhalom na tano’

Taihinekkok na tano’

Miguinaha na tano’

I guinahan I tano’

Gi sanhaya yan lagu

Gi sankattan yan luchan

Ta prutehi i guinaha

Para i lina’la-ta

Para i famagu’on-ta

Ginen i manaina-ta

Prutehi i guinaha



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