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The Hunting Ground Film

“Do we have this kind of hysteria and doubting about reports of other crimes in our society? We don’t, and we really have to look at that because the likelihood that someone is lying about rape is statistically identical to the likelihood that someone is lying about any other crime in our society. Yet you don’t ever hear someone say: ‘Are you sure you didn’t mean to give him the television set?’ Or: ‘Were you drunk when you claim the television was stolen?’ …

“And I want to point out that all crimes are ‘he said, she said.’ It’s very rare that the perpetrator says, ‘Hey, I did it.’ And again, let’s look at how we filter or understand this. Studies show that 92-98 percent of the time, when someone reports a rape, it’s true. That’s consistent with any other crime in our society, and yet this is the only crime that people think is confusing, murky and ‘he said, she said,’ and studies actually show it’s not.”


The Hunting Ground has become a prominent part of the national conversation on campus sexual assault since it premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival in January, with nearly 1,000 screenings at schools around the country, one at the White House, and an upcoming broadcast on CNN this Sunday, Nov. 22 at 8:00 pm ET. Documenting cases throughout U.S. colleges through interviews with survivors, administrators and police and highlighting the efforts of student activists, the film gives faces and voices to a phenomenon that is too often a source of political debate divorced from the lives it touches.”

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