Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen declares that France is not an Islamic land, but Muslims are welcome to become French citizens “only on condition that they bend to the customs and the way of life that Greek, Roman and 16 centuries of Christianity fashioned.”

What she’s saying should not be controversial. It’s common sense. The western values enjoyed by every French citizen regardless of their religion are necessarily rooted in those 16 Christian centuries. Our understanding of human rights and human dignity comes from the Judeo-Christian worldview that shaped modern Europe.

Sarah Palin, 13 December 2015

France dealt a decisive rejection to the xenophobic right-wing party of twenty-six-year-old Maréchal-Le Pen and her aunt Marine Le Pen and her grandfather, convicted racist and anti-Semite Jean-Marie Le Pen,  in the recent election.

Dear Sarah Palin, do you remember a little thing called freedom of religion?  That is our understanding of human rights and human dignity.

By the way, the ugly anti-Semitism that formed Le Pen’s party is supposedly gone but it has certainly not been forgotten:

CRIF, the umbrella representative body of Jewish organizations in France, welcomed the results of Sunday’s French regional runoff elections in which the extreme right Front National of Marine Le Pen failing to win any regional presidency.

CRIF had called on voters to block the party after it won the first round nationally and claimed victories in six of the country’s 13 regions, the European Jewish Press (EJP) reported Monday. . .

“CRIF welcomes with satisfaction the citizen’s reaction which blocked the road of regions to the Front National. The strong citizen mobilization around the Republican values should be for the government and the entire political class an opportunity to effectively address the causes of growth of extremes.”

The Jewish Press

Whether anti-Semitic or anti-Muslim in nature, the bigotry on which the Le Pen dynasty is founded has not changed:

In Marseille, a city that is now up to 40 percent Muslim, [Maréchal-Le Pen’s] crowd particularly loved one pledge, delivered with a slightly cruel curl of her upper lip, that should she win control of a huge, south-eastern swathe of France in these regional elections, there will be no more “substitute meals for anybody.”

As a defender of “monoculturalism” over multiculturalism, she has vowed to make Muslims adopt every aspect of the traditional Gallic-Christian way of life. Here was a clear hint that she’d abolish halal lunches in schools and other institutions.

The Daily Mail


Jean-Marie Le Pen and his great-niece in an old campaign advertisement.


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