Yes, Hillary Clinton is a woman!  Whoa.  A woman who has faced a great deal of oppression in life — it is very true.  She has had a successful and inspiring career, if your idea of inspirational includes someone who has undeniably worked very hard to make life better for women around the globe.  Of course, I am a feminist through and through and I love and appreciate what she has done for women.

She did accept a whole lot of speaking fees from Wall Street.

She did have an anti-LGBTQ political outlook for years.  She is no thought leader in that area.  What is it worth to fight against your own oppression and fail to aid your neighbor?

I saw one column which claimed almost no one knew about transgender people before this past year.  Policy leaders, thought leaders, should care enough to know about marginalized and suffering groups.  LGBTQ people have been beaten and killed at rates far surpassing those of the general population.  It is and has been a massive crisis.  We must expect more of our leaders.

And how can you vote for someone based solely on their sex? To me, that is appalling.  Yes, of course it is high time a woman got elected president — if you think being the fat-cat leader of an oppressive military and decadent, obscene nation is a worthy aspiration.

Now that I can no longer even have the token democracy of casting a ballot for president of the United States, I see things with a bit more of a jaundiced eye.  These election shenanigans are entirely disgusting.

Donald Trump is all of us.



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