Scalias falling from our eyes

This Scalia narrative that has emerged is churned out by the same disingenuous, white supremacist mechanisms that have people calling Martin passive and Malcolm violent. It’s the same system that wanted us to believe that Rosa Parks just randomly decided not to give up her seat on the bus, while failing to mention that she worked tirelessly to report sexual violence that black women were and continue to experience at the fists and bodies of racist misogynists in America.

This is the same well-oiled and fine-tuned machine that wants us to celebrate Abraham Lincoln as the “Great Emancipator,” when he didn’t give a damn about enslaved Africans past their political (in)convenience.

This is the same dishonest system that will have you thinking that the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was driven by hatred of white people, instead of love for black children starved for food and freedom. It’s the same contorted system that wants us to believe that Thomas Jefferson was simply a visionary and not a rapist. It is the same system eager to say that Assata did it, but George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, Timothy Loehmann and Daniel Pantaleo did not.

And it is this same system that wants us to believe that the Confederate flag is drenched in the blood of black people, but that the United States flag, waving gently over the genocide of black, brown and indigenous people, is pristine.

We don’t have time for sociopolitical distortions and half-truths; history lives in the now.

Source: Kirsten West Savali, “Call a Thing a Thing,” The Root


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