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Calvo Endorses Cruz

With the debate season in full force for the 2016 US Presidential race, and while the Democrats have narrowed down their choice to two, the Republican field is still going strong with six. Donald Trump is making noise literally and figuratively in the polls with his righteous rhetoric, but it is Ted Cruz who won the Iowa Republican caucus and is predicting a win in South Carolina.  While Cruz is a popular surname on Guam, that is not the only reason why his name has been popped on Island, Governor Eddie Calvo has pledged his support and encourages the Republican Party of Guam to do the same to for the former law clerk and junior senator of Texas.

While at 1st this may seem a bit out of right field, but a Washington Post article states that Cruz has been eyeing the far reaches of the US Empire since last year, sending Republican Consultant Dennis Lennox and even his father, Rafael, to talk to any and all Republicans about supporting Ted Cruz. Their strategy is getting delegation support in “unusual places”, Guam has 9, and these people will elect the party’s nomination. Calvo seemed responded well to these gestures (and a birthday cake from the candidate), and here we today with Calvo hopping on the Ted Cruz train.

The Governor does not cite these visits though as the reason for his support, but says that, “.. we share many views on fiscal and foreign policy…” and “…expressed a shared belief with Cruz on issues of religion, gun ownership rights and abortion.” So what are these stances Ted Cruz has? He is the self-quoted ultraconservative, who often says that the problem with people is that they are not Conservative enough. So take the issue abortion, Cruz would like to ban it, in all cases even rape, and plans to take down Planned Parenthood while he’s at it. His fiscal tax plan, which would overhaul the current system completely, according to the Tax Policy Center, would “…increase the average federal tax burden for the bottom fifth of Americans by 0.6 percentage points, or $116 dollars.” And “The top 1 percent, in contrast, would get a 14.1 percentage point cut, on average, worth $490,000.” While milking the poor and paying out to the rich, the bipartisan think tank concludes “more than $8 trillion over a decade..” will added to the debt just because Cruz is fixated on cutting so many taxes that do create revenue for the federal government.  Ted Cruz’s foreign policy is basically the same as Obama’s but I didn’t hear the Governor sing Obama’s praises when the time came. Also Ted Cruz thinks that Christians have not committed an act of terrorism for centuries, ignoring the Colorado act that killed 3 people in a clinic a week before the previous speech.

His father Rafael Cruz, who has been supporting his son’s political aspirations since the beginning,  is one of the biggest speakers against “Gay Rights,” calls them the “wicked,” and publicly shames openly gay politicians. Ted does have the same line of the thinking,  he “called for a constitutional amendment to prevent the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage, and blasted politicians for marching in gay pride parades.” Is this what it means to be ultraconservative, hold hatred for a segment of the population just because who they are?

Governor Calvo wants to support someone who is calling out the Christian souls of the USA to fight for the conservative heart of this country, someone who is invoking a idealistic society, painted in ultra-right fascist colors. Ted Cruz talks about himself as the next Reagan, someone who will give birth to a brighter America through Conservative values, but how bright will the country when the Sun of God never sets.


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