Modern-day slavery

I just think it’s too horrible. People don’t really want to know, especially because it confirms, and at the same time upends, our suspicions about how our modern life works. We know in the abstract that there are these people who pick coffee beans, but we don’t really know as much about the people who sew our clothes, or the people who put together iPhones in China.

It’s kind of traumatizing to think you’re complicit in this thing you don’t want to be complicit in, and yet you are. … I felt like I had more access to this story as a black American; it has this very palpable link to the chattel slavery of the past, which is that it’s pretty much the same thing happening to the same demographic in the same place.

It sort of disrupts this narrative that we live in a post-racial society.

And that anybody who has any trouble with it should just “get over it.” Maybe we’ll get over it when it’s over.

James Hannahan, discussing his book Delicious Foods with the L.A. Times


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