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A Wave of Violence

While many families today celebrate with their family on Easter, one family in Talofofo is dealing with an unfortunate incident where a dispute between two brothers, a 10 year old and a 14 year old, ended with one on life support in the hospital, and the other one in custody at DYA. The article states that the physical disagreement ended with the older boy throwing a piece of metal at the younger one’s head. While this was surely no murderous lust or anything of that nature, it does exhibit a society that is more prone to solve things violently than peacefully.

While Guam has seen a rise in physical and violent crimes, we are not alone in this trend.  For example, the frontrunner of the American Republican National Party has all but endorsed the usage of violence in his rallies, at least violence to the “opposition.” Donald Trump has not only embraced a tough guy image, but a tough guy who wins. Doesn’t lose, but wins, and wins big.  His supporters have backed up his claims and together they have created a culture of aggression.

And earlier this week, we hear about the tragic event in Brussels, where suicide bombers kill 35 people and injure more. This was just days after officials captured an-ISIS operative who planned the Paris terrorist attack, who grew up in Belgium, and was staying no more than 5 minutes than the place he was born and raised. It’s sad that these lives are lost for actions that were unjustly put by governmental powers years ago, it’s sad that men who do these terrible acts are sympathized by some of the disenfranchised Muslim communities in Europe, and it’s sad for all the reactionary right wingers who will use this to fuel this fire and perpetuate this hatred cycle.

While people may counter that the world is always in trouble, people die, religions hate, etc. It seems though that is just so prevalent, in the local, national, and world levels. The world needs more healing, it needs solutions that fix rather than divide, and if this involves making rich people a little less rich than that is fine by me.  Parents need to spend with their kids, don’t install fear but curiosity and knowledge, and extend the olive branch, don’t smack it down to the ground.  You can’t be prideful 100%  time (only Lions can do that). Let’s heed the words of Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi, and try promote peace by example, and stop this wave of violence.


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