famalaoan / Ineyak


Congratulations to the many 2016 graduates with a major or minor in Chamorro Studies!  We are so proud of our colleagues in Chamorro Studies for their incredible commitment to the students and the university, especially, of course, Dr. Michael Lujan Bevacqua, the program director.

Also, congratulations to our 2016 graduates of the Women and Gender Studies Program!  We are happy to announce that we have six graduating seniors who have completed all requirements to earn degrees or certificates from the Women and Gender Studies program this semester:

Athena Meno, WGS minor
Shirley Irons, WGS certificate
Mikaila San Nicolas, WGS certificate
Kaylee Terlaje, WGS certificate
Yoni Towai, WGS certificate
Ana Vuki, WGS certificate

I highly commend all of our instructors, affiliates, and supporters who have helped these young women along the way for their commitment to our program and the intellectual needs of our students.

Especially I thank Dr. Seyda Turk Smith who is still teaching cross-listed higher-level courses for our program online, even after leaving island, because her course “Psychology of Women” this semester allowed many of these young women to qualify for the certificate. I also especially thank Professor Michelle Blas, whose visionary leadership and profound support of women in the Fine Arts Theatre program allowed Ms. Meno a great opportunity to complete her capstone.

I am so happy that we are able to continue to serve our students who want these degrees/certificates in our particular field of women and gender studies. I hope that the WGS Program can have continuing support from the university to offer its minor and certificate to students.

We have more projects and good news in the works which I will announce when it’s finalized.


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