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Medal of Honor

About a year ago, we interviewed Chamorro military veteran Martin Manglona.  The interview is up at Hongga Mo’na (along with an English translation).

He was originally nominated for a Medal of Honor for his actions in the Vietnam War, but:

Supporters of the provision say discrimination was the reason some Pacific Islander and Asian American soldiers didn’t receive the Medal of Honor in those wars.

Manglona said his company commander originally put him in for a Medal of Honor, but the nomination was denied.

“I feel that we’re being discriminated (against),” he said. “We … serve the same flag, fought under the constitution. To me, it’s very unfair.”

Memorial Day is often a difficult time because it reminds me of the “sweet lie”: Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.  But it also reminds me that discrimination still exists very strongly and as a colonized land Guam sees that in profound and intangible ways, yet also in seemingly small and very tangible ways, like a Chamorro military veteran not receiving a Medal of Honor for his courageous actions, despite being nominated and supported by many who knew what he had done.

The PDN has an interview up with Martin Manglona from which the above quote was taken.



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