2016 US Representative Candidates’ Forum – School of Business and Public Administration, University of Guam

This was a fast-paced evening with ten questions, each candidate given one minute to offer an answer.  Incumbent Representative Madeleine Z. Bordallo, Guam’s current non-voting delegate in the House, was joined by Republican challengers in Margaret Metcalfe, Governor Calvo’s liaison in Washington, D.C., and former governor Felix Camacho, and by her Democratic primary challenger Tony … Continue reading

decolonization / kuttura

Opinion: Dreaming of a day when indigenous languages are protected and honoured

I dream of a day where indigenous languages are protected and honoured, where indigenous peoples have the right and ability to speak in their own language in our national institutions of decision making; where there are interpreters ready and able to bring their voices forward with truth and meaning. I dream of a day where … Continue reading

Papa’ Sombran Mapagåhes
dandan / fino' chamoru

Papa’ Sombran Mapagåhes

Ti siña mumaigo’ yu’ på’go achokka’ gof yafai yu’. Meggai na cho’cho’ hu kekena’funhåyan på’go. Esta matutuhon un nuebu na såkkan gi UOG. Guaha deadline para un tinige’-hu academic agupa’, ya inalulula para bei na’funhåyan este ya na’hånaogue. Gi chatmaigo’-hu på’go, lumailailai yu’ gi komputå-hu, ya hu sodda’ i lyrics para este na kånta “Papa’ … Continue reading