Revitalizing Language to Preserve Culture
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Revitalizing Language to Preserve Culture

In 2013, I was asked by the local O’ahu media company, ThinkTech Hawaii to discuss my at the time upcoming thesis “Na’lå’la’ i Fino’-ta, Na’matatnga i Taotao-ta: Chamorro Language as Liberation From Colonization” on their show. Although I don’t quite like the title chosen as I aim to move way beyond the “preservation” framework for … Continue reading


The Trumpet of Bigotry

Ahh, bigotry.  Part of me does understand this fear of the other, this fear of losing racial privilege, this sensitivity to slights or resentments.  I’m sure many/some men may feel similar twinges when trying to discard their learned gender privileges.  We’ve been carefully taught to cling to our privileges and step on the faces of those … Continue reading