Bald-faced lies

On Thursday morning, in a federal courtroom on the other side of the world, in the capital, Hagatna, the Territory of Guam will argue that it may exclude any residents of the island who are white, black, or non-Chamorro from registering to vote and from participating in a plebiscite over the future relationship of Guam to the United States.

That is a straight-up bald-faced lie. Nothing of the sort has been argued in terms of the “race” or ethnicity of those included in the United Nations non-binding plebiscite (very different from a vote to elect an official or institute a law or policy).

Yes, note: “non-binding.” This plebiscite will have no legal authority. That’s right: none, under U.S. law. The U.S. Congress and other federal bodies have no need to recognize it and probably will not. A little different from the Jim Crow South!!

The plebiscite won’t determine the future relationship of Guam to its occupying power. How can it, as it hasn’t any legal standing in the U.S.?

The population at the time in question was multiracial, including white people, as the census data from 1950 clearly states, and as was pointed out in court last Thursday. There is no exclusion based on race. It is based on residency at the time of the 1950 Organic Act which granted U.S. citizenship.

I don’t mind if people have different viewpoints on the politics of possessing a territory, but at least could we not disregard the facts in order to present a sensationalized lie?

Hans A. Von Spakovsky is the liar in question today at the National Review.  What is wrong with people??  Where are the fact-checkers?


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