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Bombing Pågan

Henkin believes that forcing the Pentagon into full disclosure about its plans and their impact will take the discussion on Pågan’s fate into the court of public opinion. “When that happens, we are confident that the US public will oppose the move,” he says.

“People feel deep connections to Pågan, and to deprive them of the opportunity to return to this beautiful place is wrong. The thought that this tropical paradise will be destroyed by 2,000-pound bombs in ship-to-shore bombardments is unconscionable.”

If and when the US military does “invade” Pågan, [Gus] Castro has vowed to form a resistance movement – alone if necessary. “If the military starts bombing, I will be here on the island, ready to protest and defend my homeland,” he says.

“Pågan is the only place on earth where I truly feel connected to the land. I don’t care if I have to wait here for months on my own. I’ll never give up. This is my home.”

Article today in the Guardian


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