Land that I love(d)

Trump doesn’t really mean anything substantially different, other than perhaps a more isolationist future in American foreign policy. He is simply a different face to the same leviathan we’ve known – corporatist-capitalist-industrialism, whose relentless consumption is destroying the world we live upon.

Yes he is likely to remove many of the “progressive” policies many Americans enjoy that Obama put in place. But placing these as the focus of our discourse is undeniably limiting our notion of political value to the first world and is entirely anthropocentric. . . .

So with no real change in our enemy, what do we feral beings who ally ourselves with the living world, in revolt and resistance against this culture, do?

The answer is simple and obvious. We see this for what it is – a nothingness. We see this as the nothingness it is and continue doing whatever processes/projects we’re engaged with as acts of revolt and resistance.

Whether it’s work on the ground, like hunt sabbing or those fighting to stop the Dakota access pipeline. Whether it’s learning and teaching wildcraft skills. Whether it is writing, media projects or campaigning. Whether it’s above ground or underground. Whatever it is food not bomb stalls or setting up info-shops. Whatever you’re doing, just continue and let this wash over you – and if you’re not engaged in acts of revolt or resistance, in the collapse of civilisation and amidst the horror that is the biosphere after 10,000 years of this culture, what else is there really to be doing?

Source: Eco-Revolt blog

Let me just say this. We should accept, if anyone hadn’t already, that our country was and is like this.

The only bright side is that now no one can deny America is terribly sick. No more neoliberal progressive pretense. No more “post-feminism.” Yeah, no.

We are still in the patriarchy, still in white supremacy, still in a repressive xenophobic theocracy, still in colonialist empire, still in homophobia, you name it!

Alive. Monstrous. Human. American.


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