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“PLEASE, decolonise your own shit first!”

I keep hearing things like ‘fuck white people’ and ‘I’m like SO decolonised.’ Where is the sincerity in that? Where is the alofa and the fa’aaloalo? Who are you serving by saying shit like that? Are you aware of who is hearing that bullshit and how it affects them?

So, I’ma say something once and I need y’all to hear what I’m trying to say with all the love and understanding that I can muster but also with a staunch conviction:

I am 100% committed to my fa’aSamoa. But I am also White and not ashamed of that. So instead of attacking hateful or ignorant people with more hate, attack them with love and understanding. If they won’t hear them, walk away knowing that your own soul and integrity is still intact, and that you have done justice to the ways of your ancestors.

Jonathan Selu on Soft and Blunt (FAFSWAG)


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