decolonization / politiku

Recent Interview of Dr. Lisa


When you think about such a militarised environment, and this has been happening for so long, as a community we have become very desensitised to their presence. . . .

We have tried very hard to get native fishing rights restored, at least for Chamorro people who use traditional practices, where there are still reserves of fish left. It is done in a way that is in concert with the environment. That has not been able to get through . . .

On top of all that, horrific as it is, US Congress passes and enacts a law that does not allow us to sue them on this choice. So we no longer have legal remedies that we can use to address this situation. . . .

There is the right to self-determination so that we can be decolonised politically. . . .

I think the most important thing for me is that the US is going about the world with its militarist agenda in the name of democracy. Yet there is nothing democratic about what the US is doing on Guam, or what it is doing anywhere else.

Communist Party of Australia


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