decolonization / politiku


We understand the difference between power over and power with. That there’s more power to the power of people than choosing which system will rule them. That no politician can ever represent Indigenous lifeways within the context of a political system established by colonialism. That representational/electoral politics are oppositional to liberation from colonial oppression. That … Continue reading


savior complexes

  Håfa kumeke ilek-ña, “mumun linahyan”?  Esta ma kuentusi siha African-American na famalao’an gi gazetan internetos i famalao’an gi i amko’ na Åttelong na Pantera na inetnon.  Meggai na manåttelong na famalao’an ma ayuda i taotao-ñiha gi Sanlågu para i Åttelong na Pantera na inetnon. Kalang goldfish hit yan kalang un barracuda si Donald … Continue reading