decolonization / politiku


We understand the difference between power over and power with. That there’s more power to the power of people than choosing which system will rule them. That no politician can ever represent Indigenous lifeways within the context of a political system established by colonialism. That representational/electoral politics are oppositional to liberation from colonial oppression. That the struggles of our ancestors, who defended Mother Earth and her beings with prayers and weapons in hand, is the same struggle that we carry forward today.

Trump doubled down on settler colonial fragility during this spectacle and won. But that very fragility simultaneously demonstrates how desperate and fearful those who have historically benefited most from this system truly are.

Lorenzo Komboa Ervin stated, “We must make it impossible for Trump to govern the country, and must put power in the hands of the people in the streets.”

Embrace your role in these struggles and organize. We are ungovernable and we must make it impossible for this system to govern on stolen, occupied land.

Source: Indigenous Action Media

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