decolonization / militat / politiku

Mumun Linahyan

Today I am so grateful for all those who have stood by me in times of crisis.  We should not have to struggle for justice alone.  We who have privilege, who have the voices and ability, must stand in solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the world, Black, Indigenous, Muslim, all.

Last week’s immigration order banned citizens of seven Muslim countries from entering the United States.Three of those countries are African. Two are predominantly Black. Members of the African Union blasted the U.S. for “taking many of our people as slaves” but refusing to accept them now as refugees. These are refugees the United States has itself created.

Our military has violently intervened in all seven of the countries we’ve now banned (these are among the 14 predominantly Muslim countries U.S. forces have invaded, occupied, or bombed since 1980). Over the past several years, the Obama administration has rapidly increased drone strikes, special operations deployments,and surveillance missions specifically in Africa. Black Muslim countries have become increasingly vulnerable to U.S. intervention and occupation, turning “homes into the mouth of a shark” and forcing people to flee their homelands.

Though violence at our borders is not new, Muslim immigrants have faced heightened violence at airports and immigration checkpoints since Trump’s ban went into effect. On Saturday, a Somali mother and her children were detained for 20 hours without food at Dulles Airport. The Atlanta Black Star reports that immigration officers pressured the woman into signing papers and threatened to deport her without her children if she refused to comply.

Source: Feministing



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