decolonization / politiku

Racism and Colonialism

I feel like, of course, racism is at the forefront of this story, but it’s like the tip of the iceberg. Because it makes me think of colonization, and being in Australia while I was watching it, I was learning a lot about the Aboriginal culture there and how that basically mirrors what went on in America with the genocide of the Native Americans and slavery. The Aboriginals there, they sort of got both experiences and it’s pretty tragic, so I thought about why colonization is such a horrible reality and has been throughout the ages. That shows up in this film and you see it from the get-go. You see this person wearing this helmet that calls back to the Crusades. . . . 
[Jordan] just injects all these little symbols and tidbits that hearken back to our very long history of violence that does employ racism in order to keep us separate and oppressed and enslaved ’cause that’s how empires work.

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