fino' chamoru

Interviewing Siñot Torres

Back in 2015, I worked with a team on a CAHA grant that funded the creation of oral narratives gi Fino’ CHamoru from CHamoru elders.  Most were subsequently edited and uploaded to our repository website Hongga Mo’na.

One, that of Siñot Jose Mata Torres, was somewhat degraded by wind noise.  Nonetheless, I’ve decided to go ahead and post it in honor of his memory as we will never have the chance again as he has passed on.  

Miget worked with Siñot Torres to develop and publish his WW2 memoir Massacre at Atåte and wrote a very thoughtful analysis for an afterword that was published with the memoir.  I was also involved in copyediting and researching material for the project.  I’ll never forget getting my cousin Mark in D.C. to run to the National Archives in person for us to get copies of photographs from the era.  Hagu ma’åse’, Mark!

Rest in Power, Jose Mata Torres, CHamoru hero.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 1.15.01 AM


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