Quelle surprise

Leone Williams-Rohr and multiple adult Rohr children are accusing patriarch Tim Rohr (a major advocate for victims of priest sexual abuse on Guam and founder of the Jungle Watch blog) of abusing his children sexually as well as physically.

Pacific Daily News story

I will always remember how high the numbers were for children sexually abused in the home by family members in the statistics on reported rape on Guam.  

No one is above the law, not even someone who worked hard to bring perpetrators of sexual abuse in the church to justice.

Tim Rohr just wrote a scathing letter to the newspaper attacking me personally.  He doesn’t even know me, but he calls me out by name and tries to hurt me.  I had no time for it as I am fighting a much larger battle right now, and not in the newspapers.

He has attacked many other women publicly as well for supporting women’s reproductive rights.  He is a staunch opponent of women’s agency and rights over their own bodies.  That attitude is part and parcel of the entire disrespect for women and children throughout our society that includes physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

I am not surprised.  I believe patriarchy induces men to corruption.  That is why I’m a feminist — because I don’t want women or men or children to be hurt.

It isn’t very likely that Tim Rohr went after Apuron and others out of love and concern for children or out of some moral stance.  That doesn’t quite square with his vehement public attacks on women.  He was so aggressive, controlling, and demeaning in his public behavior.  It looks like it was a religio-political move because he didn’t like the Neocats and the use of church funds under Apuron.  No?  He just lucked into a sex scandal that the Church and its members had ignored and swept under the rug for decades, which he used as a weapon to gain power and fame for himself.

I am a middle-aged woman and I have seen a lot of men like this.  It’s starting to get OLD.


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