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The Column the Guam Daily Post Refused to Publish

This is just one of several columns that the Post has refused to publish, typically on the grounds that I wasn’t allowed to mention Dave Davis.  I give up . . . enjoy the recipes.  

“Crazy Rude USians, Part II”

Mikilot na Isa

ginen si Isa Ua Ceallaigh Bowman

May 23, 2018

If I could teach my students only one core lesson in Women and Gender Studies, it would be Kimberle Williams Crenshaw’s concept of “intersectionality”; or, as Audre Lorde wrote, that “there is no hierarchy of oppression.” 

Whence the crazy-rude, the crazily rude?  They often attack or gossip about people in personal terms, instead of using logic or replying to specific points.  Fear and hatred leads to unhinged cruelty.

Someone like Tim Rohr or Dave Davis isn’t just particularly rude, although he is that also (see below).  He is a product of a society that oppresses people in multiple ways simultaneously.  Sexism, racism, and colonialism — all just ways to make a privileged few feel superior to all others — come together, a package deal.

Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asians series (for I hope we are not stopping with just a trilogy now!) is partly a satire of the 1%.  At the climax of China Rich Girlfriend, our heroine lambasts a billion-heiress:

“You sit in your perfect little eco-luxury bubble, while your father’s companies are the biggest polluters in China.”

It’s hypocrisy.  Modern-day Pharisees and whitewashed sepulchres.  Pretense, not res naturae.  And that’s exactly what’s going on with someone like Tim Rohr or Dave Davis.

Tim Rohr chose to lecture me in these pages about sexuality recently, just days after his family accused him publicly of molesting his own daughter, spending his days on porn sites, and various other sins and crimes.  May all such share his exquisite sense of timing.

I’m far from the first woman Tim Rohr has attacked publicly.  He’s a Trump-manqué in this sense, and so is Dave Davis, who is even associated with Breitbart through his legal representation.  They just have no shame.

Under my May 2, 2018, column, one “Dave Davis” wrote: “If, as you seem to imply, you consider yourself a victim of sexual repression engineered, no doubt, by President Trump, perhaps you might broaden your horizons — raise your sights, as it were, in your search for sexual gratification. There must be someone, somewhere — ”

Right there, a lesson in feminism: “the personal is political.”  My column was not about my personal life or my individual sexuality.  I was writing about society and politics (with some literary references), but Dave Davis couldn’t simply respond to a woman’s actual points.  He insisted on trying to degrade her personally.  This is Sexism 101.

This type of man fears and hates “recalcitrant independent women” à la Rush Limbaugh.  He feels antagonism born of insecurity — and he should.

The U.S. doesn’t really want to be Atwood’s Gilead: in 2050, it will be majority minority.  I doubt most modern women are giving up voting rights, their own bank accounts, or reproductive choice any time soon.  And let’s not forget Trump lost the popular vote by about three million.

I do believe this extremism is a losing battle.  I can see the mountaintop.









One thought on “The Column the Guam Daily Post Refused to Publish

  1. Here we witness the result of immature and insecure children who without guidance, become assholes and bullies. With enough enabling, into adulthood they inevitably become the CEOs, world leaders, unfaithful partners and whimpering, blithering sociopaths.

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