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Protect Fino’ Chamoru

Here are two opportunities for concrete and positive action. There will be a  10:00 a.m. hearing on Tuesday, Dec. 20, 2016, on the the reestablishment of the CHamoru Language Commission (this bill, co-sponsored by Senators Judith Won Pat and Tina Muña Barnes) at the Legislature building in Hagåtña.  The public is welcomed to attend and make … Continue reading

Revitalizing Language to Preserve Culture
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Revitalizing Language to Preserve Culture

In 2013, I was asked by the local O’ahu media company, ThinkTech Hawaii to discuss my at the time upcoming thesis “Na’lå’la’ i Fino’-ta, Na’matatnga i Taotao-ta: Chamorro Language as Liberation From Colonization” on their show. Although I don’t quite like the title chosen as I aim to move way beyond the “preservation” framework for … Continue reading

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Opinion: Dreaming of a day when indigenous languages are protected and honoured

I dream of a day where indigenous languages are protected and honoured, where indigenous peoples have the right and ability to speak in their own language in our national institutions of decision making; where there are interpreters ready and able to bring their voices forward with truth and meaning. I dream of a day where … Continue reading