Revitalizing Language to Preserve Culture
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Revitalizing Language to Preserve Culture

In 2013, I was asked by the local O’ahu media company, ThinkTech Hawaii to discuss my at the time upcoming thesis “Na’lå’la’ i Fino’-ta, Na’matatnga i Taotao-ta: Chamorro Language as Liberation From Colonization” on their show. Although I don’t quite like the title chosen as I aim to move way beyond the “preservation” framework for … Continue reading


Intersectional oppression and sexual violence

“The whole concept is to ensure there is clear language prohibiting amorous relationships between employees of the department and students,” [Superintendent] Fernandez said. Why is GDOE, following UOG, now introducing a policy that prohibits “amorous” relations between its employees and students? There are several reasons.  The foremost for me is simply that they seem to be recognizing intersectional … Continue reading